Kevin Flynn

  Kevin Flynn

Kevin Flynn

Born in Dublin, now living in Switzerland, Kevin Flynn started playing Irish traditional music on tin whistle at the age of 6. He then learned the clarinet and moved on to discover the guitar and folk, blues, pop, rock, classical and jazz. He also studied guitar and classical piano in Dublin and Fribourg.

He has played with many bands based in Ireland, England, USA and Switzerland. His experience in different styles and with many different artists has led to the development of his own unique style. To date, he has recorded 6 albums of his own songs and many singles. He has toured all over the world and recorded with his own bands, The Tickets, The Fabulous Brothers, The Kevin Flynn Band and as guitarist for many artists, Rob Strong, David Bowie and many others
He began gigging in Dublin's Folk Clubs with teenage pal, Tony Curtis, before the creation of a more electric band called Easy Street. Then he joined and gigged regularly with The Rob Strong Band. Rob was, and still is, Ireland's top R'n'B and Soul singer. Upon moving to England, he gigged with several bands in London and then in the north of England.

Then came a move to Switzerland where he formed The Tickets, with whom he recorded two well-received albums and several successful singles and toured all over Europe. After The Tickets he had some success with Scarlet Fever and worked regularly as session guitarist at Montreux's Mountain Studios.
There then followed a move back to Ireland for a few years where he worked as a sound engineer and producer for Owl Records, released his well-received “Dublin Town”, and once again teamed up with Rob Strong, playing all over Ireland and Northern Ireland. He also produced Rob's successful single, "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" and his live album, "Hollywood Nights".

Moving back to Switzerland, he formed The Fabulous Brothers, which later became simply The Kevin Flynn Band, and gigged all over Switzerland as well as Germany and France and released several albums and singles, Maverick Motel, Ain't That The Blues (recorded in Chicago), Come With Me etc. His songs, such as ”Ghosts”, “Can U Hear Me”, “I Remember To Forget Her” received considerable airplay
In 2020, he released 2020 Waltz.

A long-time plan has always been to release an album of his versions of Irish songs which he grew up with. This year, he finally got around to recording it, maybe thanks to restrictions imposed by Covid! Lockdowns and no concerts.
“Before I Go” … a lifelong dream! Release 25th. January 2022.
‘Hope you like it!!!

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Kevin Flynn